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Derived from an ancient Sanskrit word, ‘Vyan’ means breathe, life giving with reference to the vital life-sustaining element; air. The entirety of this development, from its meticulous design to the finesse of its finishes, is founded on the inspiration drawn from this essential integrant. At Vyan Villas, you invest in a quintessential masterpiece and hold the keys to an idyllic place of your own to heal mind, body and spirit.
Spread across 05 acres of preserved virgin forest land with a host of specifically curated services, facilities and amenities, we offer an opportunity to experience the profound transformative power of relaxation like never before.
Property for sale - Sri Lanka


The mystical town of Ella, located 1,041 meters above sea level is a three and a half hour drive East of Colombo as it hosts many hidden treasures of Sri Lanka. Retaining its absolute seclusion, the villas are located approximately one kilometer into the forest off the Wellawaya – Ella Highway, 12 minutes to Ella town. A scenic drive, one may experience unique local gastronomy, stop by any tea shop on the side of the road located at stunning view points and enjoy a hot cup of Sri Lankan tea with loved ones.

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