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We believe that when it comes to selecting an estate agent, it is better to base the decision on the service you will receive than the guide price being suggested. We recognise that our job is not just about selling bricks and mortar; we’re in the business of helping people to move. We understand the stresses and emotions involved in selling a property, and we use all of our experience to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and that we do everything we can to achieve the very best result for you. To make sure we’re constantly improving, our estate agents ask for feedback after every sale and we are proud of our near 100% client satisfaction rate.

What the Properties LK Marquee Service offers!

High quality photos and videos of your property

Voice guided 360 degree virtual tour

lead generation campaigns

aerial drone footage of your property

optimised property descriptions

Guaranteed leads to sell your property

Property for sale - Sri Lanka
Property for sale - Sri Lanka

Why Choose Us?

experience and dedication

Typical real estate advertising damages the value of your home. As your agent, we will protect the value of your home by only bringing it to the attention of buyers who are genuine and qualified. If advertising sold your home, you would not need an agent. The type of agent that relies on advertising is not working hard enough to warrant you paying their commission.
Property for sale - Sri Lanka



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