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Being a true estate professional in a country like  Sri Lanka isn’t an easy task. The industry is competitive with multiple agents and lots of properties but fewer takers. Most strong-willed personalities survive but others last no more than a year or two. property may be a tricky business and you’ve got to get on your toes all the time. Below may be a list of competencies to be a champion assets agent.

Do you want to sell anything to anyone? Then you ought to be quick, you ought to be fast because you’re competing with every other salesman out there and that they all want to capture the client before you are doing. Your intent has got to be set, right from the word “go”. you’ve got to start your day early, make plans quickly and act fast to implement them – your mind should work just like the wheels of a train. you would like to think fast and jump at the opportune moments to secure the sale. Any customer would like to figure with knowledgeable who is fast in responding and getting to their requirements. an equivalent is true for the important estate professional.

Communication is everything within the 21st century. having the ability to grasp what’s said to you, both verbally and non-verbally, then process that in your mind in double time before responding may be a vital skill. to make a conversation out of just about any line or sentence was thrown at you is vital in land marketing. Champion agents are great communicators!

A vivid distinction has got to be made between an honest talker and an honest communicator. an honest talker is someone who can merely speak and keep their mouth continuously moving but they’ve lost the interest of their audience. an honest communicator will communicate with precision and make sure that things get done while building a rapport and interesting with their audience. an honest communicator makes things happen, unlike the talkers who are mainly good at just that, talking. Customers communicate for help to unravel their problems and to receive solutions.

When negotiating, understand where the balance is. it’s key to understand who has the whip hand, what’s at stake for whom then plan your move and play your cards accordingly. Negotiating isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it’s a real art that takes years to master for several. There are respectful and fashionable ways to barter then there also are cheap and unethical methods.

Relentlessly pushing to scale back, giving hopes of bringing down the worth and being vague together with your expectations are a couple of methods employed by many professionals. However, these tactics are unpleasant, unethical and lots of times leave one party unhappy with the result. during a worst-case scenario, it could even backfire on the person using these tactics and end in a lost deal.

The champ knows to barter in ways in which you don’t even feel that he has negotiated. Being clear together with your expectations, building a warm and friendly rapport with the person you’re handling and being reasonable with regards to cost reduction may be a far more conducive and ethical thanks to negotiating.

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